Welcome to AppilyEverAfter

Why Does Your City Need an App?

Well, for starters....


Send out alerts as often as you like to:

  • All app users
  • App users within a specific area
  • All Facebook followers
  • All Twitter followers
  • All of the above!

People LIKE Them!

Offering new services and becoming more accessible to your community is a win-win. As society becomes more and more dependent on technology, your office will be right there with them. Your app will be on duty 24/7 for them to report a pothole, make an online payment, print online forms and more. Give us a call today to discuss all the cool features you'd like YOUR app to have!

But That's Just the Beginning

AppilyEverAfter builds custom applications for smartphones & tablets, specializing in Municipalities, Local Government and 311 programs. Websites can't send out text alerts to all its users, but APPS CAN!! Websites won't remind you to vote, help you find your car, scan a QR code or keep you on track by giving you a notepad and voice recorder for saving ideas and tasks. But....yes, your APP WILL.