What Else Will Your App Do?

Custom Map & Directions

If we build it, they will come!  Where do you want to lead YOUR followers? Local government offices? Schools? Parks? We'll build those locations into a list. And with the tap of a finger, users can navigate to each one from their current GPS location (or any other starting point) with visual and audible driving directions. 

Print Forms

Have forms you'd like to make available? With our built-in PDF file storage, reader & printer, users can open and print your PDF forms right from their phone or tablet. 

Upcoming Events

If you already have a community calendar, your app can receive continuous RSS feeds from it and display all upcoming events with no additional work on your part. Users can even set reminders for specific events!

News Feed

By connecting to multiple news sources and using targeted keywords, your News Feed feature will provide app users with current LOCAL NEWS via a scrolling ticker at the bottom of their phone and a news page with links to full stories.

Phone Directory

Why not offer a directory with the numbers to each of your departments so that app users can "tap" and call exactly who they need to speak with....without the need of a receptionist or having to be transferred? Yeah. Do that.

See it? Send it!

With our 'See it? Send it!' feature, app users can easily shoot a photo and send an email regarding a pot hole, damaged trash can, stray animal or any other issue that they'd like to report to City Hall--24/7 accessibility!

Fun Little Extras

QR Code Scanner

We've all seen QR codes that link to 'additional product information', but who has a scanner? Now YOU will and so will your users if you choose to enable the QR Scanner feature (no additional charge).

Where's My Car??

The Car Finder feature allows users to drop pins when they park so they never lose track (was it level A1 or B1?) of their car again. They can also set timers, reminding themselves when the meter's running out, or share the location via email or text. 

And That's Not All...


  • Image Gallery
  • Tip Calculator
  • Voice Recorder
  • YouTube Channel
  • Social Media & More!

The Possibilities Are Endless

Thinking of something you don't see listed? The features above are just a few of the endless possibilities that your app can offer. We will truly customize your app to fit your needs and wants. 



Better yet, Give us a Call


So please give us a call anytime to discuss pricing, features and timeframe of getting your custom app in the app stores! We have a first come-first served policy and most builds take 30-60 days from the time we start until submission to Apple & Google for review and publishing.